Advisory services
The Finocchiaro Law Firm provides legal assistance and advisory services through extra-judicial activities aimed at facilitating and solving critical issues in the clients’ area of interest. Our legal assistance also includes the drafting of pro-veritate opinions, legal notes, contracts, policies and models.

Judicial assistance
In its areas of expertise, the Finocchiaro Law Firm assists its clients in court proceedings, before the Italian Data Protection Authority, before the Italian Antitrust Authority (AGCM), before the Italian Communication Authority (AGCOM), before other administrative authorities and in Italian and international arbitration proceedings.

Training courses
The consolidated experience in the most ground-breaking areas of law also allows the Finocchiaro Law Firm to assist private companies and public administrations through specific training and follow-up courses, tailored to each client’s requirements.


Data protection and the GDPR

The law firm provides assistance with compliance with the legal requirements resulting from the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), supporting clients in court proceedings and before the Italian Data Protection Authority.

Corporate privacy Governance

The law firm assists companies and professionals in assessing the legal compliance and sustainability of their governance and management of data protection.

Intellectual and industrial property

The law firm offers assistance with different aspects of the protection of intellectual works and industrial inventions such as, for example, setting up and revising software licence agreements, the protection of software and domain names, the drafting of software agreements for use by public administrations and the drafting of policies and trade secrets confidentially agreements.

E-commerce (B2B and B2C)

The law firm provides assistance with different aspects of on line contracts such as, for example, the drafting and revising of standard contracts, the evaluation of the legal compliance of the set up of the trading system, through drafting of legal opinions and also assessing the legal compliance of commercial websites from the point of view of consumer protection.


The law firm offers advisory services to banks and insurance companies on distance services, the use of electronic signatures and also provides evaluation on the legal compliance of trade systems from the point of view of IT security.

Dematerialisation, e-procurement and digital storage

The law firm offers specialised assistance to public administrations on different aspects relating to the digitalisation of the administrative activity required by current legislation, also according to transparency requirements.


The law firm offers assistance with the fulfillment of health-related legal obligations, providing indications on the legislation applicable to electronic medical files and electronic health records, as well as evaluations of the legal sustainability of clinical governance.

Protection of the individual and the right to be forgotten

The law firm also provides specialised assistance with the protection of reputation and with individuals’ and companies’ rights, in cases of online violations.

Contract Law and contractual liability

The law firm offers contractual assistance during the negotiation phase with the counterparties, in the drafting of national and international contractual agreements and acts and in the evaluation and implementation of contractual and compensation remedies before courts.

Civil and professional liability

The law firm assists companies, their representatives, professionals and natural persons, by providing judicial assistance and advisory services on civil and professional liability.

Anti money-laundering

The law firm offers assistance in relation to anti money-laundering and counter-terrorist financing legislation, both in the definition of the internal procedures to implement for anti money-laundering and counter-terrorism financing and in the analysis of specific operations for compliance assessments with the current legislation.

Company Law

The law firm assists its clients with matters concerning Company Law and directors’ liability.

Asset protection and trusts

The law firm assists its clients with asset protection, trusts, capital funds and assignment acts according to art. 2645-ter c.c.

Successions and wills

The law firm provides assistance and advisory services on every aspect concerning will and succession legislation.

Property Law and real estate

The law firm assists its clients in the purchase and sale activities of real estate properties and in any and all further litigation phases.