The Law Firm

The Finocchiaro Law Firm, based in Bologna and Milan, has consolidated a wide range of professional expertise in the different branches of Civil Law, Information Technology Law and Internet Law. The Law Firm provides judicial assistance and advisory services to natural and legal persons, public or private, in extra-judicial, judicial or arbitration phases, for Italian or international proceedings and before the Italian Data Protection Authority.

Founded by Professor and Lawyer Giusella Finocchiaro, Full Professor of Private Law at the University of Bologna and President of the Working Group on electronic commerce of the United Nations, the Law Firm works with specialised professionals, who offer their collaboration in a number of different areas of competence, from the traditional areas of Private Law to the fields of Computer Law, Internet Law and Data Protection and Privacy Law.

Based on a successful experience in legal assistance to clients such as prominent companies, public bodies, health care providers and consultancy companies, the Law Firm has all the necessary expertise to efficiently and professionally address the most complex legal issues, both at a national and an international level.

Giusella Finocchiaro has combined professional practice with lecturing at the University of Bologna since 1987. Over the years, her publications have offered a significant contribution to national and international debate in the field of ICT Law.

The Law Firm is also committed to organising international conferences and courses and has a prestigious international reputation, as highlighted by our counselling activities in various EU Commission projects, our cooperation with other European law firms, our ties with study groups at international Universities and our participation in prominent international congresses.